The Bowery

Website for a condominium + loft development in Ottawa’s Centretown

The Bowery Website Interface
  • Tools Used

    Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Client

    Richcraft Group

  • Agency

    Montana Steele Strategic Marketing

  • Launch Date

    November 2013

The idea behind The Bowery’s brand was to bring more edge and drama to this condominium and loft development in Ottawa. A key principle in the strategy was to create an address that reflected the trendsetting lifestyle of those who would live there. As a result, the website used bright, dramatic colours, bold typography and youthful, active photography as a visual language. In conjunction with newspaper and radio ads, over 2,200 users registered for the project in the span of 4 months.


Desktop + Mobile Version

Project (Desktop + Mobile)

Desktop + Mobile Version

The Bowery - Suites (Desktop + Mobile)

This page features an image gallery of renderings, a floorplan module and a features + finishes accordion.