Emerald City

Website for a luxury condominium with serene garden amenities

Emerald City Website Interface
  • Tools Used

    Actionscript, Flash, Photoshop

  • Client


  • Agency

    Montana Steele Strategic Marketing

  • Launch Date

    April 2010
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Located in North York, Emerald City Condos is a luxury development with a special emphasis on green space. Amenities include pedestrian-friendly greenspaces, walkways and gardens. The branding of this project reflects the garden ambience of the condominium, focusing on earthly and serene images and themes.

Emerald City - Homepage

A vertical carousel menu is the thematic navigation pattern throughout the site. Clicking on the arrows reveals more buttons for the user to select.

Emerald City - Project Page
Project Page

Within subsequent pages of the site, the menu only reveals itself when the user hovers into the left side of the interface. This design pattern opens up the viewable canvas, allowing for the content to remain the main focus.

Emerald City - Amenities Page
Amenities Page

Continuing with the vertical carousel UI pattern, pages like Amenities incorporate content such as imagery and text within the section’s navigation.

Emerald City - Floorplans Page
Floorplan Page

Floorplans are divided by type, listed within the vertical carousel menu on the left. Available plans and displayed on the right content module.