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I am a front end designer and developer with over 14 years of agency experience and 16 months in a software development company. My involvement in projects spans from the early strategizing all the way down to testing and optimizing code before deployment.

I believe user interface design is less about pixels and more about people – determining their needs and communicating a clear and focused message. Delivering an experience that is well designed, easy to use, optimized for performance and accessible on a wide range of platforms and devices.

What I’m doing now:

I am currently learning about Java Web Development and Data Persistence at O’Reilly, and ReactJS + Flux at ReactJS Program and Udemy.

Where can you find me?

You can follow me on LinkedIn, GitHub or Twitter.

  • Technologies

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Java, PHP + MySQL, Python, PostgreSQL

  • Frameworks

    Wordpress, Express, Foundation, Bootstrap, Spring Framework

  • Software

    VS Code, Sublime Text, Spring Tool Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator

  • Workflow Utilities

    npm, Git, SVN, Sass, Grunt, Gulp

Questions or Comments?

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